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But perhaps the most interesting thing about being an EarnBet VIP member is that you’ll be able to get an extra cashback each week, paid out in cryptocurrencies. EarnBet’s Rakeback feature has replaced their traditional House Edge Reduction advantage, which was originally designed to provide bettors with the opportunity to earn varying levels of payout depending on their stake points. While this feature helped players save millions of dollars in savings, EarnBet’s Rakeback will take things to a new level – offering players substantially more savings.

  1. The lifeblood of any online casino platform is its unique and unprecedented library of both classic and modern betting games.
  2. As a recognized VIP member on EarnBet, you’ll be able to access and acquire unique and exclusive perks not available to normal players.
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  4. This means the amount of your Rakeback rewards will directly correspond to your XP (experience level).

However, companies do not necessarily release their earnings reports at the same time each year. The timing of earnings releases can vary depending on a company’s fiscal year, industry ebet coin norms, and internal reporting practices. Out of the last 15 earnings reporting periods, EBET, Inc. beat analysts’ expectations 1 times and fell short of expectations 1 time(s).

Being one of the best and most celebrated online casino platforms, EarnBet certainly offers its users a plethora of high-quality and profitable games along with a slew of exciting rewards programs and incentives. The casino provides players with a very juicy house edge, an unmatched sign-up bonus, and much more. The lifeblood of any online casino platform is its unique and unprecedented library of both classic and modern betting games. As part of their platform overhaul, the company has made very exciting strides in this aspect. The reimagined and cutting-edge online casino now boasts a wide variety of amazing games integrated with innovative features and additions – all to help players remain at the edge of their seats each time they play. Over the past year, the state-of-the-art began implementing a total facelift of the website, launching a revolutionary rebranding campaign aimed at reshaping the realm of online casino betting and gaming.

Their website also highlights a constantly updated leaderboard that mentions the names and ranks of all the platform’s top-performing players of the week as well as the currencies they have used to place bets and the amount of money they have won. It also displays the potential of earning rewards should those players continue their winning streak on the leaderboard. Along with adding more features, games, payment methods, and security to the platform, EarnBet has seriously overhauled its customer representation portal.

What Is the Lowest Price of EBET?

And as it turns out, dice games were responsible for ushering in the new era of casino gaming. Because EarnBet was one of the first on the crypto-casino bandwagon, the company was able to optimize the interface of all its dice games, providing fantastic odds along with provably fair gameplay. What’s more, the platform has also partnered with several globally renowned game developers and companies, guaranteeing an exciting and highly accessible experience. As a player, you can expect mesmerizing game graphics and gameplay mechanics, enhanced storylines, and state-of-the-art features that pave the way for continuously electrifying adventures.

EarnBet.io ‘s Rebranding Journey: Unveiling the Future of Online Casino Gaming

Be on the lookout for new cutting-edge crypto games that meld the worlds of betting, trading and sports. Another thing we found very unique and attractive as part of Earnbet’s rebranding strategy was their new tipping system. The platform recently introduced this feature as part of their goal to make it easier for players, and the friends they play with online, to share their funds with one another using the tipping feature integrated on their player profiles. Using the chat box, you can easily find and chat with your friends and even new people you meet and greet during your gameplay. EarnBet was among a handful of online casinos that immediately recognized the charm and pull of dice games.

EBET Breakdown

In 2017, EarnBet.io launched a world-class online betting platform with blockchain-based innovations to provide players with a more streamlined way to play and win, guaranteeing fairness, and transparency. The platform delivered an exquisite, online casino environment that rewarded players in a never-before-seen way. Overall, EarnBet is an innovative gambling platform that provides users with a secure environment for playing games online using cryptocurrencies while earning rewards through its referral program and staking system. EarnBet’s rebranding isn’t just an aesthetic makeover, but a technological transformation and a leap into the future of casino gaming. This mesmerizingly new brand identity highlights the platform’s unparalleled commitment and devotion to implementing highly innovative and cutting-edge digital technology, unveiling what is a powerful, secure, and immensely user-friendly design. What’s interesting about EarnBet is its commitment to quality and continuous optimizations.

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The platform’s dedication and focus on offering its users a powerful and never-before-seen gaming experience is quite clear in each spin you make and every deal you win. Another reason why EarnBet is way ahead of the curve in the online casino industry is due to its customer-centric approach and focus on providing exceptional services to its most dedicated players. The site recently rolled out a new VIP Members Club, where players can earn cashback on different games and bets placed. From highly intuitive slot games to adrenaline-pumping live table games, and much more, there is no question that EarnBet’s rebranding has upped the ante, introducing a new level of unmatched online casino gaming that can’t be found anywhere else. EarnBet is a decentralized gambling platform powered by its native token BET. The platform allows users to play games like dice, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and more using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS (EOS) and others.

The more people you are successful in converting into an EarnBet patron, the more you earn. However, to be eligible for these rewards, the people you refer the platform to must sign up using your personal EarnBet referral code. Best yet, EarnBet has launched a new promotional campaign for new players registering on the website. Players who deposit $100 in an EarnBet account https://cryptolisting.org/ and fulfill the wager requirement, will be entitled to receive $50 unrestricted from the platform. As a recognized VIP member on EarnBet, you’ll be able to access and acquire unique and exclusive perks not available to normal players. This includes high-stakes giveaways, insights on new games and promos and discounts, support priority, enhanced voting rights, and much more.

Steadfastly engaged in rebuilding the core features of the platform and introducing new rewards programs, games, and player incentives, EarnBet is now steering towards a new and powerful stage of continuous development and growth. One of the best features of EarnBet is undoubtedly its rewards program. The platform offers a variety of opportunities for players to earn rewards during their gameplay or each time they make bets. Furthermore, members can also make money from the platform by referring the company to other people.

It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions, as well as to control the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology, which is an immutable ledger that records and verifies transactions in real-time without the need for third-party intermediaries. EarnBet is one such cryptocurrency that has been gaining traction in recent times. However, keep in mind that this service is only available for EarnBet’s VIP players. All you have to do is reach a specific threshold in terms of bet placing and wagering. As soon as you reach or cross that threshold, the platform is going to automatically send you a personal invitation to join the VIP club.

As you place more bets and win, your profile will automatically increase your XP, determining cash rewards in line with your win ratio and overall experience on the platform. EarnBet also offers a way to speed up your cashback rewards by staking their EBET token. As part of their rebranding process, EarnBet has also launched a new and equally alluring cashback feature – the EarnBet Rakeback, which offers the highest Rakeback in the industry of up to 62.5%. This feature will empower users to bank varying amounts of cash rewards on every single bet they make.

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