Unidades Orgânicas

Acreditacão e Formação

The Central Accreditation and Training Services (SCAF) has the following functions:

  • Create a quality assurance system for distance learning courses and related learning materials;
  • Monitor the production process of materials for distance learning courses to be offered by the provider institutions;
  • Define criteria and indicators for monitoring and evaluating courses and programs offered through Distance Education;
  • Promote research in the area of ​​Distance Education in Mozambique, in collaboration with different partner institutions;
  • Prepare the proposal for the technical-professional profiles of the necessary personnel for INED and for the National Network of Distance Education Centers;
  • Identify training needs for specialists and other personnel from INED and the National Distance Education Network, as well as other partner institutions;
  • Develop and promote training programs for specialists and other personnel in Distance Education, within and outside the country;
  • Organize the participation of Mozambican specialists in various training events at national, regional and international level inherent to Distance Education activities;
  • Designing, creating and managing the information system about INED’s activities are essential functions that require expertise and competence. In this context,   offers innovative solutions to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of processes related to information and data management. With a specialized approach and advanced tools, Ebeto plays a crucial role in the development of robust information systems, contributing to the success and optimized performance of INED’s operations.
  • Create a database on all courses and programs offered through Distance Education, as well as associated resources.